Q&A with College Student and Lifestyle Blogger: Katie Mariah

Hi everyone! I hope you had wonderful Thanksgivings, and I really hope you were able to gather with loved ones this year. I’m delighted to introduce my first guest blogger, Katie Mariah! We’ve been following each other on social media for a while and have recently been able to meet over FaceTime. Katie is super sweet and I’m so impressed by her work ethic and confidence. This Q&A with Katie was so fun and we talked for 2+ hours!

Not only does she run her own lifestyle blog, but she’s also a college student in North Carolina. I interviewed Katie about her current college experience, and she interviewed me on my past college endeavors and my job I started a while ago. You can find her post here

Take it away, Katie!

Q: What college do you go to and why did you choose to go there? 

A: East Carolina University! I was going to go to Campbell University, but decided on ECU instead since it’s closer to home and I wouldn’t have to pay for a dorm. The student life is really great at ECU and it’s a big football school. I was also thinking about being a cheerleader but decided against it since I did cheer for eleven years before. 

How fun! My college didn’t have a big football scene so it’s really cool that Katie’s school did. We also bonded over doing cheer for many years.

Q: What are you studying and what do you plan on doing after you graduate?

A: I’m studying Public Health with a concentration in Pre-Health. I was originally thinking of becoming a pediatrician but decided against it because it would take years of schooling. After I graduate from undergrad, I plan to apply to PA school to become a Pediatric Physician’s Assistant. I love working with kids and like the idea of curing patients. I’m also graduating early since I did this thing called “dual enrollment.” It’s where you take community college classes in high school. I’ll be graduating next fall so I’m trying to get an internship next summer!

I’m always super impressed when people study anything related to science! I think it’s awesome that Katie has clear goals set for her future and am excited to follow along on her journey. 

Q: How are you staying motivated to study while doing school from home?

A: I like to write things down and list out my goals for the day. Like any homework assignments that need to get done. I write down my whole semester ahead of time. Since COVID, I’ve just been making to-do lists instead of writing things in a planner. I get things done during the day and chill at night. Although, I don’t restrict myself from taking breaks; I allow myself some freedom. During my breaks, I go on my phone, workout, and watch TV at night.

Q: What would be some advice to those who are studying/working from home? 

A: Go read my blog post, haha! I recommend taking breaks and scheduling things ahead of time. Definitely have a study space and don’t have your TV playing in the background. Keep your area clean! It’s easy to sleep in, but you need to plan your day out. Planning out your breaks is a big tip, too.

It’s important to remember to take breaks once in a while! During my Q&A with Katie last week, she reminded me that breaks are necessary so you don’t feel overwhelmed throughout the day.

Q: Do you have a morning routine to help set your day up?

A: I wake up and work out, shower, have breakfast, then I start working. I’ve been tutoring for the past two years at my school. It’s hard to have a routine during COVID times. I’m strict about getting into a routine. 

Before COVID, I’d love to go to the gym to work out! I’d usually do 15 minutes of cardio (elliptical/treadmill) and then strength training afterward. But at home, my favorite work out videos are from Sydney Cummings and Sami Clarke. Natasha Oceana is pretty good, and if I want to die, I’ll do Pamela Reif LOL. 

Q: What do you do for self-care? 

A: I try to work out as much as I can. I like taking care of my body and eating healthy. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, too. I read “The Silent Patient” months ago and I’m still thinking about the ending haha. I also think blogging and writing/journaling is a form of self-care as well. 

I’ve heard such great things about “The Silent Patient” and it’s on my TBR list as we speak!

Q: How did you start your blog?

A: I’ve been wanting to do something creative for a while now, and was interested in making YouTube videos before. I love to read and write, so I did tons of research on YouTube. One of my favorite YouTubers had a blog and I was ~inspired~ by her. I needed something creative in my life, so I decided to start a lifestyle blog. In the future, I want to post more fashion content, but recently it’s been leaning more towards wellness and productivity. I started my blog, Katie Mariah, last year! 

Q: Have there been any new habits or hobbies that you picked up during quarantine?

A: I started an Etsy shop where I sell digital planners. (Check them out here – they’re super cute!) My blog also allows me to write about anything I want. School keeps me pretty busy as well. I’m really thinking about making YouTube videos, too!

YES! I told Katie I’d definitely watch if she made a YouTube channel!

Q: What clubs/extracurricular activities do you do in college?

A: I’m a part of “Her Public Health” club which is major-specific, geared towards women, and they bring in female guest speakers. I’m also in a PA club, and I work as a Statistics Tutor at the Academic Success Center for my school.

Q&A with Katie Mariah

Katie is such an awesome gal, and I can’t wait to follow along on her journey as she eventually graduates from ECU and applies to PA school. Wishing you all the best, Katie, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future!

Thank you for reading my Q&A with Katie! She was so fun to work with. Make sure to follow her socials and subscribe to her blog.

Katie Mariah’s Links: Blog | Instagram | Facebook

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