Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well, staying sane, and baking lots of desserts. For this blog post, I decided to write about my morning routine during quarantine. If you’re looking for things to do while we’re stuck inside, make sure to check out this post for some ideas.

8:43 am – Wake up. This ranges from 8:30 am-9:30 am depending on if I want to turn off my 8:30 am alarm and sleep for a few more minutes. I’ll also check my phone for texts and scroll through Instagram, which is a bad habit I’m trying to stop.

9:00 am – Meditate. I’ve been using the Calm app which has a bunch of guided meditations and music. I like to do the daily meditation in the morning (about 10-15 minutes), and I’ve recently been listening to the 5 Seconds of Summer: CALM remixes.

9:15 am – Read my daily devotional. I like this one! It’s been nice to sit in bed and start my day reading.

9:25 am – Breakfast time! My go-to meal has been one over medium egg with garlic salt, toast with butter, some sort of fruit, and of course, coffee. Shout out to Emily who gave me some rad tangerines and blood oranges!

10:12 am – I got a FaceTime call from Eli! I haven’t seen him since the first week of March, but we’re still making it work with random calls and Snapchats throughout the day. Let this be a reminder to call or text a loved one to check up on them.

10:43 am – My roommate, Julie, and I moved into our LA apartment in February, and we’re still trying to furnish it (I know it’s April lol). My wonderful mama bought us this pantry from Wayfair, and I built it all by myself! Doesn’t it look great? Now I have to tackle the dining table…

1 pm – I’m also trying to go on walks! I get a little stir-crazy throughout the day from being inside so it’s nice to breathe in the fresh air and wave to all the neighbors walking around.

1:35 pm – Brainstorm some blog post ideas. I’m keeping myself accountable by working on posts in advance so I can post frequently. If you have any suggestions, please let me know below in the comment section!

It’s definitely a weird and confusing time, but it helps to maintain a routine to make your day feel more organized. However, we’re all handling this time differently, so don’t be discouraged if your day isn’t as productive as you wanted it to be!

I’m praying that you all stay safe and healthy!


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